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An expert-developed Course in Advanced IT Skills & Digital Marketing for Job Seekers & Professionals.

Advanced MS Excel

 Understanding Advanced Excel Functions

  • Advanced Filtering
  • Count Function Series
  • Dependent Dropdown
  • Data Validation
  • Sum and SumProduct Functions

Introduction to Lookup Functions

  • Simple VLookup
  • Dropdown Lists as Lookup Values
  • Partial Lookups (Wildcard Characters)
  • VLookup with Multiple Criteria
  • Two way and Three-Way Lookup
  • Last Value using Lookup
  • Debugging the Lookup Errors 
  • Case Sensitive Vlookup 
  • Error Handling in VLookup 
  • Sum with VLookup and Index Match 
  • X-lookup Function with Mod and Time Functions

Pivot Table and Essential Functions of Excel

  • Pivot Table and its properties
  • Nested Ifs Functions and its Properties
  • Custom Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Aggregate Functions and Excel practices part
  • Excel Keyboard Shortcuts with Examples
  • Office 365 Functions and Exercises
  • Excel Financial Functions

Basic of VBA and What-If Analysis

  • What If Analysis Goal Seek and Multiple Scenarios
  • Excel VBA Basics
  • Excel VBA for Each loop and Exercises
  • VBA - If Elseif - Else Statement
  • VBA Select Case Statement

Power Query and User-Defined Functions

  • User-Defined Functions (VBA)
  • Power Query Analytics Tool
  • Getting Data from Excel Tables
  • Ways to merge your data
  • Unpivoting Data
  • Grouping Data
  • Create Database and make connections in Excel using Power Query

Advanced Excel Functions

  • Add-in Solver (Mathematical Representation of Business Problems)
  • Advanced-Data Table
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting
  • Advanced Filter
  • Complete Data Validation and restrict a user to data
  • Entry
  • Data Cleansing with Power Query
  • Data Model Creation
  • Histograms chart and Create Bins

Advanced VBA

  • VBA Add-ins
  • Split and Join Function VBA
  • Regex Expression-VBA
  • Data consolidation using VBA
  • Create Hyperlinks of the sheets-VBA
  • Sorting and Filtering VBA
  • Create Outlook mail for multiple Customers/ Suppliers-VBA
  • User Input and Userform- VBA
  • Workbook VBA

 Advanced Excel 

  • Index Match
  • Let, Lambda and other Advanced Office 365 Functions
  • Advanced Excel Exercises
  • Dashboard and array functions
  • Dynamic Chart range and Offset function
  • Create Dynamic range with Multiple ways
  • Mail Merge- Using Word doc
  • Database Function
  • Worksheets Event Macros


Advanced MS PowerPoint

Getting Started

  • Planning your presentation
  • Issues relating to presentation timing
  • Using graphics, diagrams, and charts to convey  ideas
  • Limiting the level of detail within a   presentation
  • Using a consistent design scheme and adequate color contrast
  • Accessibility considerations when designing a presentation
  • Using Alt (Alternative) Text tags
  • The Accessibility Checker
  • The Document Inspector
  • The Compatibility Checker



  • Creating, Collapsing, Expanding, and Reordering Sections
  • Removing Sections and slides


  • Inserting slide masters
  • Editing a customized slide master
  • Using customized slide masters


  • Applying, Modifying, and saving Themes
  • Deleting a Theme
  • Creating and saving a new template
  • Modifying a template



  • Removing a picture background
  • Coloring Pictures, Artistic Effects, Picture styles, brightness and contrast
  • Using the Corrections button
  • Compressing and resetting a picture


  • Using Video
  • Changing the brightness and contrast of a  video
  • Adding a poster frame image to a video
  • Resetting a video
  • Applying a video style
  • Playing a video in a shape
  • Changing the color and weight of a video border
  • Applying special effects to a video
  • Trimming video and Video Looping
  • Using Audio


  • Applying animation effects
  • Animation triggers
  • Using the Animation Painter
  • Creating and modifying custom animation effects
  • Using custom animation to fade bulleted paragraphs
  • Animating chart columns by series
  • Animating the chart grid and legend


  • Action buttons – Linking to a different slide, a specific slide, a URL, Custom Shows or a different file
  • Linking data into a slide and displaying as an icon object
  • Linking and updating objects
  • Breaking a link
  • Inserting a link to a graphics file
  • Embedding data into a slide and displaying it as an object
  • Editing or deleting embedded data
  • SmartArt and Pictures


  • Ruler and Gridlines
  • Snapping to the grid and grid spacing
  • Positioning a graphic relative to the top-left corner of a slide
  • Distributing graphics horizontally and vertically
  • Cropping and Re-scaling pictures
  • Converting a Clip Art picture to an AutoShape
  • Saving a graphic
  • Applying and hiding background graphics
  • Background fill effects, transparency effects, shape effects, Format Painter and defaults


  • Organization chart, a cycle diagram, a pyramid diagram, a flowchart
  • Editing Flowchart shapes and connectors


  • Chart title, legend, data labels, axes labels and scales.
  • Changing chart type
  • Chart gap and overlaps
  • Using images in chart columns or rows
  • Formatting the plot and chart area


  • Marking as Final
  • Permissions – Encrypting with a password
  • Converting a presentation to a video
  • Packing for a CD
  • Saving as a PDF format


Digital Marketing


  • Develop a digital marketing strategy
  • Plan and conduct digital marketing campaigns
  • Optimize campaign’s performance and expenditure

Social Media Marketing

  • Develop social media strategy
  • Prepare and manage the budget

Search Engine Optimization

  •  Research and identify target keywords
  •  Research and identify target keywords
  • Track campaign performance and prepare reports

Other Modes of DM

  • E-Mail Campaign
  • SMS Campaign

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