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Ascensive certified courses   ADVANCED EXCEL


Course Content

Course Content Duration (No of Class)
 Understanding Advanced Excel Functions Advanced Filtering 3
Count Function Series
Data Validation
Sum and SumProduct Functions
Introduction to Lookup Functions Simple Vlookup 4
Dropdown Lists as Lookup Values
Partial Lookups
VLookup with Multiple Criteria
Last Value using Lookup
Sum with VLookup and Index Match
X-lookup Function with Mod and Time Functions
Pivot Table and Essential Functions of Excel Pivot Table and its properties 4
Nested Ifs Functions and its Properties
Custom Formatting
Conditional Formatting
Aggregate Functions and Excel practices part Excel Keyboard Shortcuts with Examples 2
Office 365 Functions and Exercises
Excel Financial Functions
 Advanced Excel   Index Match 5
Let, Lambda and other Advanced Office 365 Functions
OLE Concepts, Linking Worksheets & Workbooks
Dashboard and array functions
Dynamic Chart range and Offset function
Create Dynamic range with Multiple ways
Mail Merge- Using Word doc
Database Function
Power Query and User-Defined Functions User-Defined Functions 6
Power Query Analytics Tool
Getting Data from Excel Tables
Ways to merge your data
Unpivoting Data
Grouping Data
Create Database and make connections in Excel
Using Power Query

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