Ascensive certified courses

Ascensive certified courses   ADVANCED COMMUNICATION


Course Content

Course Content Duration (No of Class)
Implementation of Grammar in Conversation. How to implement the learned grammar in conversation. Building powerful English vocabulary. 4
Public Speaking Skills Extempore and Group discussion. Email drafting, Business correspondence. Avoiding spelling mistakes and mispronunciations. Letter writing practice. 5
Personality Development Manners & Etiquettes. Building confidence and developing presentation skills. Dress code and color pattern 4
Voice and Accent Training for fluency Correct your diction and improve your English pronunciation. 4
Learn appropriate word stress to gain clarity in communication.
Identify your fluency barriers.
Learn vowel and consonant sounds.
Advanced Communication Skills Practice Speaking and Listening. 4
Practice writing skills in English.
Learn commonly used idioms, phrases and proverbs.
Learn business correspondence required at work.
Improve your reading skills – Focus on syllable word stress and Intonation.
Extempore and Group discussions to make you think in English and speak impromptu.
Learn the difference between Normal English vs Smart English
Job Interview Skills Resume writing. Job Interview question and answers. Mock sessions. 3

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